Life at ISH 

The focus at ISH is on independent living and study. It is not our intention to be a conventional student hostel or home, and we never use those words to describe ourselves. We are a modern, committed and service-oriented residence for students from all over the world. 

High standard of comfort 

The high standard of comfort provided at ISH is one of the main reasons why so many students choose ISH every year. In addition to the many common rooms and shared activities, we offer all students a private sphere to which they can retire whenever they wish. 

All the bedrooms and apartments are fully furnished and equipped with a high standard of amenities. They are designed with students in mind - with ergonomic seating, adequate storage space and high-grade materials that are easy to clean. All accommodation units have an Internet connection and telephone as well as a satellite TV connection. 

Commitment to service 

We endeavour at all times to offer residents optimum conditions for living and study and also for leisure. We work to maintain an atmosphere where people feel at home, and we are always open for suggestions. 


Compared with conventional homes, ISH offers various extras - like a separate kitchen, telephone and free Internet access in every accommodation unit, and a fortnightly cleaning service for the critical areas of kitchens and bathrooms. 

Independent living and study 

Within an agreed framework, students live their own lives at ISH. For us, students are young adults. Our task is not to educate them but to come to honest agreements with them which ensure that everyone can be happy. 

Nor do we keep checks on the students as long as they respect the agreed house rules and pose no threat to safety or hygiene in the residence. Most of our students have come of age. That means we cannot grant anyone - not even family - access to their private rooms without their permission.