The ISH Serviceteam



The management ensures that the approximately 700 students in the International Student House enjoy the best conditions. This includes the regular coordination with the student representatives as well as the report to the Supervisory Board and the responsibility concerning the capital spending.


Assistance of Management 

The assistance of management makes sure that the administrative part runs efficiently. It is not only about administrative work, protocols and invoicing. It also includes customer care, event organisation and the support of the homepage.



The range of activities extend from the first application to the final departure of the student house. The office organisation and student concerns are the main responsibilities.



What could be more important than a correct financial accounting? This is where all the financial tracks run through: Residence fees, car park rentals, deposit accounting, telephone charges - simply all business transactions at ISH.


Facility Technics

With 700 inhabitants, there is always something which needs to be done: Maintenance, inspection and repair of the technical equipment in the house and the garden also needs to be maintained. And of course, the apartments are also cared of, so that they are fully functional.


Facility Service 

The beauty and cleanliness of our house is the core concern of our facility service. The team is responsible for the high living comfort in the apartments and public areas of the International Student House.



The "primary address" in the house is also the first point of contact for all kinds of concerns. The helpdesk service as well acts as a telephone switchboard, post office, point of sales for washing machine tokens and is responsible for handing out the keys when moving in.


The e-mail address to reach us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.