The ISH service pages

We have a full service offering for residents on the ISH website. You will be given a user ID and password when you move in - so you can log in and access our internal service pages.

Notice Board

The Notice Board is used to post announcements, news and upcoming events - to make sure you do not miss anything.

Student representatives

Who is on the team of student representatives? Who is responsible for what? How can I make contact? This page provides the answers.

The ISH Team

Introducing the team at ISH, their positions, tasks and responsibilities - so that you know who is looking after your needs and wellbeing.


A little order goes a long way! ISH has a collection of info materials for you as well as useful and important forms for downloading.


Our links list gives you fast access to your university, public transport timetables, the local skiing and walking areas, and other leisure amenities and cultural facilities in Innsbruck.